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Quality and Innovation
Partnering with Researchers

Since its inception in the early 1970s, Biochambers has worked closely with researchers to innovate, and deliver results to research.

History of the Bigfoot™

BioChambers innovated with the University of Toronto to create the Bigfoot™.

Working with Dr. Sage, this Bigfoot innovation enabled his research team to grow sufficient replicates of a wide range of plants.

The Bigfoot design continues to this day to define the industry standard.

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Versatility of the BioRoom™

BioChambers, with the help of the University of Manitoba, developed the first-of-their-kind walk-in plant growth rooms.

The resulting rooms provided the University of Manitoba with large growth areas, and enabled them to study on the effects of temperature on Canola growth and development

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CONTROL your research

BioChambers proprietary controller systems allow for state of the art accurate control of light, temperature, airflow, humidity, CO2, watering and other options.

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Advance your knowledge

Have questions about what type of specific equipment can help you get the results you're after? BioChambers is here to help.

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Customize your chamber

Biochambers Growth Chambers and Rooms are available with a variety of accessories and built in options.

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