FXR Growth Room


  • 1.8m2 (20ft2) to 13.2m2 (142ft2) of plant growth area per tier
  • 610mm to 2030mm (24” to 80”) of growth height from 3 tier to 1 tier mode
  • 750µmol m-2 s-1 to 1500µmol m-2 s-1 PPFD of lighting from 3 tier to 1 tier mode
  • Ideal for flexible research requirements - short plant to tall plant conversion
  • Converts from 3 tier to 2 tier to 1 tier - no tools, kits, or hardware required
  • Converts from vertical to horizontal airflow
  • Available in 760mm (30”) and 915mm (36”) deep shelves

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BioChambers FLEX™ Technology

BioChambers’ Flex™ Chambers and Rooms allow for your equipment to be easily reconfigured, as often as your research needs require it.

FLEX Chambers and Rooms can be reconfigured in three simple steps:

See an overview of BioChambers Flex™ products in the Flex™ Products Booklet.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Customize Your Growth Chamber

All BioChambers Growth Chambers and Rooms are available with a variety of accessories and built-in options.

What are your research requirements or plant growth goals? Let us help you choose the chamber options to achieve them.

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Simple Precise Chamber Control with Limitless Scheduling

BioChambers' VNET control system and Research Saver remote monitoring and alerts provide highly customizable scheduling and quality control for your research.

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