LTRB Growth Room


  • 3.5m2 (38ft2) to 5.5m2 (59ft2) of plant growth area
  • 2390mm (94”) of growth height
  • 1500µmol m-2 s-1 PPFD of lighting
  • Ideal for vernalizing plants and low temperature research
  • Maximum light intensity at low temperatures with separate lamploft temperature control
  • -5°C all lights on
  • Continuous sequential defrost - no temperature spikes during defrost cycles

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BioChambers Low Temperature Chambers and Rooms

BioChambers low temperature research chambers and rooms are designed to continuously maintain temperatures below freezing.

See an overview of BioChambers low temp products in the Low Temperature Products Booklet.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Dr. Patrick Friesen answers common questions to help you make the right decisions before you start.

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Customize Your Growth Chamber

All BioChambers Growth Chambers and Rooms are available with a variety of accessories and built-in options.

What are your research requirements or plant growth goals? Let us help you choose the chamber options to achieve them.

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Simple Precise Chamber Control with Limitless Scheduling

BioChambers' VNET control system and Research Saver remote monitoring and alerts provide highly customizable scheduling and quality control for your research.

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